Wolves of Mercy Falls Post #2 – Werewolf Re-tellings


If you do not know, I am participating in the Wolves of Mercy Falls Read-A-Long, hosted by Girl in the Pages, She Reads She Blogs, and CK’s Reading Corner. From November 15th until December 20th, all who are participating will be reading through all four books in the series. If you would like to join in, you can find the information here. Every Saturday, there is going to be a discussion topic. Today’s is: Werewolves 101: Your favorite representations and re-tellings of werewolves.

Disclaimer: In the past I have not really been into fantasy books, so I do not have too much knowledge on werewolves.

I know the classic story about how once a month when the moon is full people who have been bitten turn into ferocious monsters… blah blah blah.

I have to admit that I really liked Stephanie Meyer’s version of them in Twilight. I like how they can talk to each other and how they lived in a pack and how it was kind of a generations thing. Now, the imprinting thing was a little out there, but overall I liked their storyline.

BUT I will say that I have really enjoyed Maggie Stiefvater’s version as well. I think it is really interesting how they are changed as well as that it is (sort of) weather induced and how they can only send pictures to each other in the pack. I also find it interesting how they don’t remember anything about their human selves.

Then there is of course J.K. Rowling’s and Cassandra Clare’s version which are more like the original.

So that is about the extent of my knowledge on werewolves.