Top Ten Tuesday #2

Top Ten TuesdayIt’s Tuesday, so it is time for Top Ten Tuesday, a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is: Character’s I Wish Could Get Their Own Book.


  1. Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games — I loved reading about Finnick. He had to be my favorite character of The Hunger Game’s series and, honestly, I don’t think his fate was fair. I would love to read about his time in the games and about what happens to his wife and child after the third book. I need more!
  2. Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments — Can I just stop for a second and say that Simon is my favorite! I could read about his nerdy, sweet, and awkward ways all day long.
  3. Their Children from Harry Potter — Who doesn’t want more Harry Potter in their life? I was so sad when the series finally came to an end. I liked that she gave us some closure toward the end about what happened, but I would really like to read a book about the main character’s kids. That was just be fantastic.
  4. Gale Hawthorne from The Hunger Games — So you never really find out what happens to Gale and that kind of irritates me. All you hear about is Peeta and I am not a Peeta fan. I always rooted for Gale and I feel like he deserved better than the ending he got.
  5. The Other Victors from The Hunger Games — I find the whole “hunger games” concept fascinating, but wish there was more. They always talk about the previous games, but actually having a story written about them would be so cool. I would love to get insight on previous arenas and strategies. Perhaps a book of short stories.
  6. Ronnie & Will from The Last Song — I really liked Ronnie and Will’s relationship and I wish it could go on forever. If only there was maybe a novella letting me know if they made it.
  7. Initiates from Divergent —  I would love to have learned about the initiates lives before they chose their faction. I would love to get insight on lives of the different factions instead of just focusing on Dauntless.
  8. The Maddox Brothers from Beautiful Disaster — So ya, the Beautiful books are part of my guilty pleasures and I find the whole Maddox family intriguing. I know there is a book about one of the brothers, but I hope they all get their own stories.
  9. Owen & Annabel from Just Listen — I really have a soft spot for Sarah Dessen couples, but I remember wishing I could read more about Owen and Annabel. It would be nice if every once in awhile her book had a sequel or an epilogue that let you know what happens to the characters a few years down the road.
  10. Jordan McAfee from The Pact, Salem Falls, & Nineteen Minutes — I always get excited when characters overlap in books that have nothing to do with one another. Jordan McAfee is one of those characters. You see glimpses of how his life evolves, but I would love a book that is all to do with him becoming who he is.