Wolves of Mercy Falls Post #3 – Characters that Warm your Inner Fangirl


If you do not know, I am participating in the Wolves of Mercy Falls Read-A-Long, hosted by Girl in the Pages, She Reads She Blogs, and CK’s Reading Corner. From November 15th until December 20th, all who are participating will be reading through all four books in the series. If you would like to join in, you can find the information here. Every Saturday, there is going to be a discussion topic. Today’s is: Baby It’s Cold Outside: Which Shiver character(s) warms your heart/inner fangirl.

So I really liked all of the main characters in this series. I felt they were all so tortured and needy that they all fit right into their relationships and friendships which each other, but it worked for the situation they were in. At first I thought that Sam and Grace would be my favorite couple hands down, but once I got to book two Cole St. Clair stole the show for me!

I suppose it could be because I have a soft spot for tortured bad boy characters, but Cole was just so complex. He tried to come off as such the cool, I don’t give a care guy, but once you tapped into his inner being you see that he really cares a lot and has a good heart. His relationship with Isabel, well sort of lack there of, and how he tried so hard to crack her and she tried to crack him, was just kind of perfect. I felt they were both so dry and sad that there was no one more suited for each other.

And what really made him my favorite were oh-so-witty remarks. He had the best quotes where sometimes I just couldn’t help, but actually laugh out loud!