Hello there.

I’m Farahlise (or Farah for short). I am a twenty-something college student studying Public Relations and Nonprofit Management. In my spare time I mainly read, binge-watch Netflix shows, and stuff my face.

I started Passionate for Paperbacks, so that I could talk about what I read with fellow book lovers. (Read More Here) I am hoping that from beginning this blog I will be able to meet fabulous people who have opinions and thoughts I would never have come up with on my own. I plan to gush/cry/squeal/swoon/rejoice/fume and all the other emotions I feel on here and I hope that others of you will join me!

I cannot promise that my reviews will be short or long, but it will definitely depend on the book. As for spoilers, I am going to try and limit them, but if I do slip up, I plan to post a warning, so that I do not ruin it for you. I LOVE recommendations of all kinds. I am planning to branch out in what I read now and I would appreciate all suggestions you may have! Oh, and follow me on Goodreads.

I would really like to get to know all of you, so please don’t be shy! I would absolutely love it if y’all would leave me a link to your site, so that I can start falling for all of your blogs! 🙂

You can also shoot me an email: passionateforpaperbacks@gmail.com



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