Wolves of Mercy Falls Post #1 – Maggie Stiefvater


If you do not know, I am participating in the Wolves of Mercy Falls Read-A-Long, hosted by Girl in the Pages, She Reads She Blogs, and CK’s Reading Corner. I am super excited about it and I bought the first two books yesterday. From today until December 20th, all who are participating will be reading through all four books in the series. If you would like to join in, you can find the information here. Every Saturday, there is going to be a discussion topic. Today’s is: Why Maggie Stiefvater is an awesome author that appeals to you!

Honestly, I cannot really answer this question. From what I hear she is great, but I haven’t actually read any of her work yet; which is why I am so excited to participate in this read-a-long. The books in this series are a decent size and I think a book a week is the perfect amount of time, especially nearing both Thanksgiving and Christmas break… plenty of reading time.

I am looking forward to seeing what her take on werewolves is. I read the Twilight Saga awhile back and am currently in the middle of The Mortal Instruments series, so I have experienced a couple different views on how authors view werewolves and I am eager to add another one to the list.

I have a feeling that she is going to bring back some nostalgia from my days of reading Twilight, but overall I am hopeful that I will become a fan of hers like so many others.


2 thoughts on “Wolves of Mercy Falls Post #1 – Maggie Stiefvater

  1. Im so happy you are participating in the readalong! I’m a massive fan of Maggie and I’ve read almost all of her books. I think you’ll be very surprised by the Maggie’s take on werewolves… very unique. There were a lot of comparisons made between this series and Twilight back in the day (probably because they were published around the same time). I’ve read them both and don’t see much similarity, But that’s just me. I highly recommend you read Maggie’s series THE RAVEN CYCLE it’s my absolute favorite. Her writing style has changed quite a bit since Shiver, and when SINNER came out this year I was so happy to revisit certain characters in the newer writing style 🙂


    • I am so happy in my decision too! I started it today and am already 100 pages in. I definitely agree, so far the werewolves are totally different and I am enjoying her take very much. I think I was going to be a bit disappointed if they were too similar, but her view is very interesting and more realistic. Can’t wait to finish it up.
      I told a friend I was reading the series and she gushed about Maggie and recommended some other books of her to me as well, so I will definitely be checking them out.

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